The Gator GALT02 4x4 Inclinometer Off-Road Vehicle Information Display is the sophisticated choice for modern adventurers. This state-of-the-art device integrates precision and comprehensive features for an unparalleled off-road experience. Utilising advanced GPS technology, GALT02 offers accurate journey data, from speed metrics to your precise location based on longitude and latitude. The elevation gauge keeps you informed about your altitude, while the pitch and roll monitoring ensures you navigate challenging terrains with utmost confidence. The built-in compass, paired with the longitude & latitude display, reduces the risk of becoming lost, making every trip seamless. Added features such as the over-speed alarm enhance safety, and the electronic clock & date function keeps you timely. Monitor the inside temperature with the on-board thermometer and understand external atmospheric conditions with the barometer. The auto brightness and ambient lighting elevate user experience, adapting to your environment. With universal hardwire 12-24V DC compatibility, a secure adhesive mount and integrated sunshade, GALT02 is your unmatched co-pilot on any adventurous trail.