The GTKPRO2 is a 4G LTE CAT-M1 GPS Vehicle Tracking Device that comes supplied with a SIM Card operating on the Telstra 4G M2M Network and 30 Days tracking included. Suitable for fleet management, car rental companies, taxi companies, public transport, logistics companies and personal vehicles, the GTKPRO2 is a feature packed tracking solution that can be connected to any 12 or 24 volt vehicle including cars, utes, vans and trucks.

Tracking your vehicle couldn't be easier thanks to our Advanced Web Portal and Free Smartphone App. The Web Portal can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection and web browser, while the Smartphone App is available for iOS and Android Smartphones on the App Store & Play Store. Geo-Fence Zones, Predetermined Routes and Places can be set up so you receive an alert when the vehicle enters/exits a zone, deviates off a route or arrives/leaves a pinpoint location. These alerts can be set up to only activate on certain days and during specific times.

The tracker also has a host of safety and protection measures for your vehicle and driver including; behaviour monitoring, crash detection, and door status detection as well as anti-theft features including tow away detection, remote ignition disable and battery back-up. Two additional relays can also be configured to activate selected electrical systems within the vehicle. For example the horn or head lights could be turned on remotely.

The tracker will work instantly upon installation with the included SIM Card without any sign up for up to 30 days. After the 30 days, subscription is required to continue using the Gator Tracking Service (ongoing fees and charges apply, CLICK HERE for details.). The GTKPRO2 and Gator GPS Tracking Portal are not compatible with 3rd Party Sim Cards.

The GTKPRO2 Tracking Module and access to the Gator Tracking Portal (via Smartphone APP and Web) require a valid (paid) subscription to the Gator Tracking Service. Ongoing fees and charges apply. 3rd Party SIM Cards are not supported on this device.