Full high definition 1080P recordings of your trips for peace of mind, security and undeniable evidence, the Gator GHDVR80W produces superb video quality day and night capturing the critical details.

No need to remove the Micro SD card to retrieve recorded footage from this dash cam. Thanks to Built-in Wi-Fi you can conveniently download recorded videos wirelessly to your smartphone via the Free Gator Dash Cam App. You can also view the dash cam live to obtain the best camera angle during set up and access the dash cam menu to adjust the settings to your liking, giving you full control of the dash cam from the palm of your hand.

The built-in Super Capacitor is a safer and more reliable power storage solution compared to lithium battery alternatives found in other dash cams. The super capacitor is more resistant to heat, has a longer lifecycle and will not explode or leak acid in the unlikely event it fails. It provides enough power storage to securely save the last recorded file when power is disconnected to ensure your valuable footage can be retrieved should an incident occur.

This dash cam has multiple recording modes to ensure an incident is never missed. While driving the dash cam will record in a continuous loop, overwriting old files with new files. If an incident is detected by the built in G-Sensor while driving, the dash cam will automatically protect this file from being overwritten.

The dash cam is easy to install, the adhesive base allows the dash cam to securely mount to the windscreen and the included 12/24V compatible power lead simply connects to the vehicles accessory socket.

The Gator GHDVR80W brings together a dash cam with secure adhesive base, a high spec 32GB micro SD card and accessory socket plug and play power lead; providing everything you need for exceptional protection.