Class D Design
Every Stadium amplifier, including the full-range models, features high-efficiency Class D topology. This technology allows JBL to engineer amplifiers that are more compact, generate less heat, and draw less current from the vehicle's electrical system.

Low Distortion
JBL Stadium amplifiers have been engineered to deliver the lowest distortion possible, enhancing the audio experience regardless of output level.

Full On-Board Protection
JBL Stadium amplifiers have on-board circuitry to protect from shorts, temperature, overvoltage, and undervoltage. An LED indicator is included on all five models to let the user know when one of these conditions exists.

Proprietary High-Conductivity Terminals
All JBL Stadium amplifiers come equipped with a newly introduced E.A.R.L terminal for better grounding. For 5-channel and mono amplifiers, an adapter connector is available in the box for easy installation.

Compact footprint
With it becoming more and more difficult to find spacious locations for amplifier mounting, JBL Stadium amplifiers have been developed in a small compact form factor to allow more location versatility.

Sleek design
Sometimes, an amp can be as stylish as it is powerful. JBL Stadium amplifiers have a clean, streamlined industrial design.



Uncover Great Sound (The Unveiling of Sound)

Stadium mono and full-range, multi-channel amplifiers deliver the efficiency and power you expect from Class D amplifiers – and the performance you expect from JBL. The comprehensive all new E.A.R.L terminal and power adapter (5-channel & monoblock) enables easy installation and optimized performance. For the 5-channel and mono amplifier models, the remote bass control allows the user to increase and decrease bass output independent of head unit tone controls. The industrial design not only provides an elegant look, but also enhances power dissipation to ensure long term reliability. Stadium amplifiers give you power to shape your car audio experience in new ways.


High-performance, full-range, 5-channel Class D car audio amplifier

Max Power2300W PeakFull Range ChannelsPower Output, 4ΩFull Range ChannelsPower Output, 2ΩFull Range ChannelsPower Output, 4Ω BridgedSignal-to-Noise Ratio>=80dB (ref 1W output @ 4Ω)Subwoofer ChannelPower Output, 2ΩSubwoofer ChannelPower Output, 4ΩSignal-to-Noise Ratio>80dB (ref 1W output @ 2Ω)

High Efficiency, Low Distortion Class D Design


What's in the box?

  • 1x Amplifier
  • 6x Differential Speaker-Level Adapter
  • 3x Spare Fuses
  • 4x Philip Screws
  • 1x Remote Bass Control & Cable
  • 1x E.A.R.L Terminal
  • 3x Self-Tapping Screws
  • 1x Power Terminal Block
  • 1x Owner’s Manual