The MTX Audio iP1s has a whopping 15 Watts of peak power from a speaker that fits on the palm of your hand is an epic combo! Pair that with a solid, lightweight aluminium design and great battery life and you've got the full package!


  • Wireless portable speaker
  • Power : 15W Peak - 5W RMS
  • Speakers : 50mm wide range
  • Inputs :
    - Bluetooth
    - AUX (3,5mm Jack)
    - microSD (mp3, Flac)
  • Recharge : USB 5V 1-2.4A
  • Aluminium body
  • Dimensions : 80x80x33mm
  • Weight : 240g


  • 3 inputs: Bluetooth, microSD and AUX for a large compatibility
  • Outstanding output power : 5W RMS. It’s 3x more than its competitors...
  • All-aluminium construction. It is durable, recyclable, resistant and high-end...
  • 50mm wide-range speaker, able to reproduce all the fineness of music...
  • Durable carrying case included for easy travel...
  • Bluetooth with automatic reconnection. No need to reconnect each time...
  • Micro SD card playback : FLAC compatibility for quality, mp3 compatibility for quantity...
  • Up to 2.4A charging on any USB port or with any USB charger. Cable included.