Thinkware T700 is a 4G LTE CONNECTED dual channel dash cam that records 1080P Full HD in-front and behind the vehicle (optional rear cam F2PT7RA sold separately). With 4G LTE technology on-board, the dash cam connects to your smartphone in real-time from anywhere. Using the THINKWARE CONNECTED LTE APP on your smartphone; receive impact notifications, play videos (strong impact / parking impact), view a captured image from your most recent park, monitor your vehicle status and review your driving history. The dash cam also features Emergency SOS Alert, a message (video and location) is sent out to your emergency contact in the event of a strong impact crash or by pressing the SOS button.

With multiple recording options including Time Lapse and Energy Save Park Modes, the dash cam offers 24/7 protection, even when you're not around. Dash cam footage can be conveniently downloaded to your smartphone via the THINKWARE DASH CAM LINK APP thanks to its built-in WiFi. Select between 2.4GHz and 5GHz for the best connectivity experience in different environments and connect directly to the dash cam while sitting in your vehicle. The App also gives you access to the dash cam settings, allowing you to easily change them to suit your requirements.

The T700 is loaded with advanced safety technology to help protect you while driving. The Road Safety Warning System includes; Lane Departure (LDWS), Forward Collision (FCWS), Urban Forward Collision (uFCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDW), when enabled, the dash cam will alert you of these upcoming events to help you avoid an incident. It also has built-in GPS with Safety Camera Alerts, as you approach a Speed Camera, Red Light Camera or Mobile Speed Zone, the dash cam will sound an alert to prompt you to slow down.

The T70032 comes supplied with a forward facing dash cam, adhesive mounting bracket and a HWC hard wire kit. It also includes a 32GB Micro SD card and supports up to 64GB.