LED Lighting Installation

We offer a wide range of off-road lighting upgrades, including:

  1. LED light bar installations: Our team can install LED light bars of various sizes, providing a brighter and more focused beam of light that extends farther down the road or trail.

  2. Spot light installations: We can install spot lights to provide a more focused beam of light for increased visibility while off-roading.

  3. Flood light installations: Our technicians can install flood lights to provide a broader, more dispersed beam of light, which is ideal for lighting up a wider area such as a campsite or work area.

  4. Rock light installations: We can install rock lights under your vehicle to provide additional illumination while off-roading, making it easier to see obstacles and potential hazards.

Our team takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service, providing personalised recommendations for each individual customer and their specific off-road vehicle. We use only the best materials and equipment, ensuring that every installation is done with precision and care.

Whether you are a serious off-roader looking for the ultimate lighting setup for your vehicle, or you just want to improve your off-road lighting experience, our off-road lighting installation service is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience the difference that our off-road lighting upgrades can make in your off-road adventures.