jeri Portable Solar Panels (PSP) are lightweight, easy to deploy and simple to adjust as the sun’s path changes throughout the course of a day.

  • 120W
  • They can be mounted via the eight eyelets around the circumference of the jeri PSP
  • Alternatively, they can also be set down on a flat and even surface supported by the four back stays built into each panel of the jeri PSP and adjusted across two tilt angles

Connectivity is a breeze by simply inserting the DC 5525 connector, which you can find in the zipper cable tidy pouch on your jeri PSP, into your jeri’s DC 5525 input socket for instantaneous energy productivity.

Whilst the jeri PSP is 120W, its output depends on various weather conditions, including temperature, altitude, cloud coverage, air quality and the direction the jeri PSP faces relative to the sun’s path.