The Optima Red Top battery is the perfect choice for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. Use it where power reserves are readily restored by an alternator. Consider the Red Top when you need reliable battery performance for your car, SUV, 4WD, ute, van or truck. The battery is a solid performer when you need a strong starting burst, quick ignition and impressive power.

Many modern vehicles come loaded with power-hungry options. Examples include aftermarket stereos, heated seats, power outlets, video screens and even mini-fridges. The Red Top is also an excellent choice if you have a vehicle with start/stop technology. More of today's vehicles make use of this technology to save fuel. Traditional flooded designs don't stand up as well to the repeated starts that are required.

The Red Top delivers incredible cranking power. This is due to its unique "Spiral Cell" Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) construction. The design also delivers a faster charge than standard flooded designs. The fiberglass mat absorbs the battery fluid, making it close to spill-proof. Mount it in almost any position!

Optima's innovative spiral cell engineering makes the battery vibration-resistant. In fact, it is up to 15 times more resistant than competing designs. Resistance to the effects of vibration extends service life.

The Optima Red Top battery is resistant to self-discharge from sulfation. Compare it to flooded lead-acid designs. You'll have the cranking power you need even when your vehicle or equipment stands idle for extended periods. Regular batteries tend to wear out and fail at inconvenient times. Extend the interval between replacements with the Optima Red Top. It has a lifespan up to 300 percent longer than that of other batteries.

The Red Top is designed to perform well when subjected to Australia's temperature extremes. You'll appreciate the cold-cranking amps (CCA) of an Optima Red Top when you are traversing high-altitude passes in the Snowy Mountains. The Red Top also handles the Outback's desert heat as well as the humid, tropical conditions of northern Queensland.

Invest in a Red Top battery when you want faster recharging, optimal starting power and long life!