Installing your Thinkware Dash Cam couldn't be easier when using the OBDTH01 OBD-II Power Harness. Instead of connecting 3 wires to the vehicle fuse box, the OBD-II harness simply connects to the OBD-II port in the vehicle, providing Plug & Play Installation. Once connected, access to the Parking Surveillance Mode on your Thinkware Dash Cam will be enabled, just as if you had hard wired the dash cam using the HWC Hard Wire Kit.

The kit includes an OBD-II T-Harness that features an OBD-II plug and socket, allowing it to plug in-line with the vehicles OBD-II port. This enables other OBD-II devices to be connected to the vehicle while the dash cam is connected, providing a seamless and discreet installation solution for your Thinkware Dash Cam.

The included ignition module as a power off delay feature providing consistent accessory power during varying vehicle conditions, such as engine shut-down at a red light, or alternator disengagement while driving. This feature is essential for vehicles with stop-start technology!

If you want to access the parking mode feature on your Thinkware Dash Cam, but don't want the hassle of installing the hard wire kit, the OBDTH01 OBD-II Power Harness is what you need!