THINKWARE's newest flagship dash cam model U1000 captures true 4K UHD footage making it one of the highest resolution dash cams in the market! Housed in a low profile and modern design, the U1000 brings to the table all of the premium features that THINKWARE's previous flagship dash cam models had on board. Its resolution has been reinforced with Video Enhancement Technology including Super Night Vision 2.0, so you won't miss a single detail be it day or night. It is equipped with THINKWARE CONNECT, a cloud-based system with geo-fencing, vehicle locator and impact notifications for peace of mind. With energy efficiency as one of its stronger suits, U1000 has a variety of Advanced Park Mode options including Energy Save and Time Lapse, along with the traditional impact and motion detection options. The dash cam also includes built in GPS for embedded speed, time and location data; Advanced Driving Alert System (ADAS) including Lane Departure (LDWS), Forward Collision (FCWS), Urban Forward Collision (uFCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDW); Safety Camera Alerts for speed and red-light cameras; and, built-in Wi-Fi Connectivity to enable control and management via iOS or Android powered smartphone. U1000-128GB (order code U4K128) includes a 128GB Micro SD Card and supports up to 128GB Micro SD. The camera also leverages Format Free 2.0 Technology for extended life and reliability of the Micro SD Card.